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BlackBerry PlayBook IdeaPad Application offers Lots of Features

This is the first PlayBook App this developer has done and its a great application with tons of features. IdeaPad has been submitted to App World and currently under review. IdeaPad for Blackberry© Playbook™ is a sleek sketching application which can be used for productivity and entertainment on the go. Using IdeaPad, you can quickly […]

LinkNote Application Coming Soon to the BlackBerry PlayBook

LinkNote for BlackBerry PlayBook is a note taking and note organizing application which is different from traditional notepads. While other notepads allow you to take notes and organize them in a folder hierarchy or assign labels (or tags) to the notes they are fairly limited and difficult when it comes to helping you find and […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Built for Business (Video)

Watch Mobile Version of this Video Here. Back in January we posted our own observations (Here) about the PlayBook not being just for end users and the impact it would have with business/corporate users. This video gives a look into the vision of the BlackBerry PlayBook in the business environment. Source BlackBerry YouTube Channel Did […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Unit Converter App. Convert 200 Units Across 16 Categories

Click image for Full Screen view. Applications like this will not be in the spotlight as one of those super fun applications, however apps like this will be used and abused on a regular basis. General and technical information on the fly will make this a very useful app for PlayBook users. Special thanks to […]