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Free PlayBook Game “Toothy Adventures”. Help Mary-Ann with Her Dangerous Adventure

It is nice to see these types of games coming out on the BlackBerry PlayBook, Thanks to Anne for sending us the details and screen shots for Toothy Adventures. Details: Mary-Ann is a small country girl who loves to play with her teddy bear. But something terrible has happened… The bear lost his head! Oh […]

Free PlayBook Game “Ball-TRaCK” Now Available in App World.

   Description: A simple game which involves quick reaction times and clever movement. You control a ball with your finger, trying to dodge enemies that come at you from the edges of the screen. You gain a score over time… Sounds simple, but there are few catches!!! The enemies get harder with time… They may […]

Free PlayBook Bingo Game “Bored Room” Available in App World.

     Look busy during a meeting while taking notes on the BlackBerry PlayBook, while actually playing a game, I like this concept. lol. Just be sure not to holler out BINGO!   Description: Bored Room Bingo is a fun way to pass the time during those less than exciting meetings without completely tuning out. […]

Free BlackBerry PlayBook Puzzle Game “Matheming” Available in App World.

Description: Matheming is an addictive puzzle game. The player places randomly generated numbers from 1 to 13 on a 5×5 grid. Points are earned by making sets of the numbers like two pairs or a straight in rows, columns and the two diagonals. Price Free Available in BlackBerry App World Here. Did you like this? […]