Many Notes for BlackBerry PlayBook. A Fun and Flexible Note Pad Application

By | March 1, 2012

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Will let us know about his new application for the PlayBook called Many Notes, that offers the end user handy references as to what’s going on in your day.

Many Notes is the fun, flexible, and powerful app for making and storing notes. Enables quick note taking and a visual way to organize your notes. A beautiful hybrid of a classic notes application and the flexibility of real sticky notes.

- Auto-save & Fast Entry
- Drag & Drop organization
- Copy & Paste
- Predictive-text & Spellcheck
- Portait & Landscape
- Expansive canvas
- Add & Delete notes
- Make notes wider and longer
- No titles, tagging, manual saving, or anything else to slow you down!

More features are planned in future updates.

Price 1.99

Many Notes for PlayBook is available in BlackBerry App World Here.

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