Magellan Compass Maps for PlayBook Updated to v3.0. Lots of Cool New Features

By | May 13, 2012

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o2 interactive let us know they have updated Magellan Compass Maps to version 3.0. Version 3 was months in the making to make certain the top requested features are provided to the end user. Very nice to see a developer continue to improve on an already great application.

Some of the new features include:
* Map Quest and Open Street Map data and service provider (replacing Google Maps)
* Auto map caching. Map data is automatically stored to the device to allow for quicker access and allow for off-line map use.
* Enhance map guidance including drag endpoints, intermediate waypoints, route optimization and various ways to define or select waypoints.
* Voice turn-by-turn guidance without Internet connection. Alternate voice available.
* Real-time Traffic overlay
* U.S. Weather Radar overlay
* U.K. Traffic incident overlay
* U.S. Airport status overlay
* Multi-method address lookups
* Audible speed limit warning (beep or voice)
* On-device help

These enhancements are new to some of the cool features already available including:

* Flickr overlay
* Yelp overlay
* Multiple map finger controls for pan and zooming
* Highly configurable preferences
* Clear UI design
* Custom bookmarks
* Custom Points-of-Interest (POIs)
* Multiple map types
* Route tracks recordings to GPX files (importable to Google Earth and more)
* Multiple GPS dashboards
* Weather forecast

Map Quest and Open Street Maps navigation application that allows the user to search, navigate, bookmark and GPS track for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™. Option to cache map data to the device for quicker access and for off-line usage. Many different layers of data can be overlayed onto the map. Tons of features making Magellan Compass the best mapping and navigation application for the PlayBook.

Price 5.99   Trial Version Available

Magellan Compass Maps for PlayBook is Available in App World Here.

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