Lose Network WiFi Sharing with the PlayBook after OS Upgrade. Here is what I did to Fix

By | July 19, 2011

playbook wifi on network

After the update I went to pull a screen shot from my PlayBook over the wifi network and it was no longer there. Rebooted my PlayBook, turned wifi on and off, rebooted my laptop and a few other things with no success. I went into the Network Identification on the PlayBook and the IP address was changed. This is not a hard thing to fix so I put the steps in below. This is only if you had your PlayBook on the WiFi network already.

While your PlayBook is connected to your WiFi, get your PlayBook and swipe down from the top to see your device settings screen.

Tap on WiFi on the left side of the screen.

You will now see at the bottom a WiFi icon with a question mark. Tap on it.

Now you are on the WiFi status screen and you want to open the drop down and select Internet Connection.

The first thing you see is the IP Address, and this is what you want to remember.

Now go to your computer where you accessed the PlayBook on the WiFi network.

For Win. XP go to start then Run

Win. 7 or Vista go to start and type in search RUN and select the RUN command.

Inside the run box type in \\ then your ip address. with no spaces.

You should see the file folders on your PlayBook.

Right click on Media and create a shortcut on your desktop.

The first time you open you will need to put in the name and password you set up originally on the PlayBook Storage and Sharing option.

If you want to access your PlayBook via your wifi network for the first time, simply go to Storage and Sharing and turn on File Sharing, WiFi Sharing and create a password.

Then follow the steps above.

Hope this helps.


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