LiteFTP for the PlayBook Available in App World. Offers 30 Day Trial

By | July 14, 2011

LiteFTP playboo

Ayie let us know that his LiteFTP is now available in app world and offers a 30 day free trial. LiteFTP was in app world a short time back and removed quickly because of some issues with Microsoft ftp and certain servers. They also updated the code using the latest Air 2.7 sdk so this apps only available for OS 1.0.6 and above. This goes to show in my opinion anyway the developer truly cares about the product that he is making available for download and will continue to improve it.

LiteFTP is a very simple ftp client for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ that allows users to download and upload files to a FTP server. LiteFTP implements a basic FTP client that can send, receive, list, delete files, and create directories.

** Upcoming release will enable download and upload to continue the transfer even if the apps is inactive or user opening other apps such as reading website in browser **

- support for download, upload and chmod command.
- support delete, rename, add new folder and file/folder informations.
- built-in text file editor.
- store login information to multiple sites.
- support passive and extended passive mode connections only.

How to use:
- in ftp view, click once to select file or folder, double click to browse inside the folder.
- chmod and simple file editor is in file/folder info. chmod only work with unix/linux server. Only file in local system can be edited.

- UI has been redesigned in this new version of LiteFTP.
- only shared local file system are enabled in local files view. (documents, downloads, music, photo and etc)
- please email for any suggestions and bugs. We will try to update it ASAP.

Price 1.99 (30 day free trial)


Available in App World Here.

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