Imazing Image Editor App for BlackBerry PlayBook

By | June 15, 2012

Imazing blackberry playbook

Aditya let us know about Imazing which is quite a cool image editor that allows you to view, convert, crop, filter and scale over 20 different image formats. Imazing is at a nice price point and offers lots of features.

Details: Unlike most image editors, Imazing can open a variety of different files, including Adobe Photoshop Files.

Imazing gives you the opportunity to open files from either your camera or your documents folder.

Features implemented:
– Local camera and documents browsing
– Support for 20+ formats (including PSD, TGA, HDR, JPG, PNG and more)
– Save to 7 different formats (including PDF, TGA, FLV, JPG and more)
– Cropping of images
– Red-eye removal
– Support for 30+ image filters (including Posterize, Vignette, Pixelate and more)

Price 0.99

Imazing for BlackBerry PlayBook is Available in App World Here.

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