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Free Santas Monster Shootout Game for PlayBook

Santas Shootout Blackberry PlayBook Free Game

Have a little Christmas in July, with Santa’s Monster Shootout for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  I have been playing this game for a little over a week and yet to be disappointed. I started playing the game on my Z10 and now enjoy it on my PlayBook.

Game play is awesome with no lag and a pretty cool sound track as well. The object is simple and the easy to use UI makes it simple to blast away the monsters and you improve your guns and climb the levels.

The only negative are the ad’s that pop up between levels but it’s just one ad that’s very simple to close and move on with game play. Since the game is free, the ad’s are not a big deal.

Details: Snowy valleys, Christmas bells and Santa Claus is preparing gifts for Christmas.
A normal December. Really? No, something is different this year…

Monsters and Zombies from all the world are trying to steal the gift packages, they want it all and
they want it now.

But Santa don’t own just a sack full of gifts and a rod… he also have guns, big guns.
Guns to defeat infinite waves of monsters to protect the gift packages.

Help Santa to get rid of the evil breed and bring us happy holidays!

How To Play:
The primary weapon has infinite ammo, it is not very strong but always available.
Shoot as many enemies you can to earn money for purchasing new pistols, guns and refill ammo in the shop.

Pick up ammo clips and health packages to keep you alive while playing a level. On each level, you must fight against
a big end monster to go to the next level. From level to level the game gets harder.

- use arrows in the left side to work through the level
- use the shot button on the right side to shoot
- if you have purchased and picked a gun, switch between the new gun and the primary weapon

Price Free

Santa’s Monster Shootout for PlayBook in App World Here.

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Accessing Files Saved from Android Apps on your PlayBook

PlayBook find anroid app save files

This may seem a little goofy, but some Android apps allow you to save a project from the app, but where does the file  actually go? One example is an Android ported kids app that allows kids to draw and the picture can be saved. When you save the picture it saves it to the SD card, which we know the PlayBook does not have.

If you go to downloads or pictures and can’t find the saved file anywhere; some Android ported apps on the PlayBook  save natively but not all of them. If you cant find your saved work, rest assured  the image/file was most likely still saved to the PlayBook.

The image/file can only be accessed via a file manager app, like the one I wrote about the other day. (Here)

When in the file manager you will see a folder with the apps name or something similiar. Basically the Android ported app creates a folder within the root of the PlayBook file system as if it’s a SD card.

While in the file manager  you can easily cut and paste the image from the app folder  into the picture folder, that can be opened from the native picture app on the PlayBook. I do find myself using the file manager more and more however to access everything on my PlayBook.

So if you get an Android ported app that allows you to save your work, but you cant ever find it….. don’t trash the app thinking its not working. Try a file manager app and see if you can find the files that way.


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Free File Manager for BlackBerry PlayBook

playbook file manager blackberry

I have been using this file manager for a few days now, and overall it works really nice and it’s Free. The app does have a couple of small banner ad’s but they really do not get in the way of the UI. I do have a couple of duplicate folders displaying, but that is not a big deal. If you get a pop up box that you are not sure how to get rid of, simply swipe down from the top.

The copy and Paste work perfectly and I look forward to using this on my PlayBook.

File Manager helps organize & view your pictures, music, video, document & other files. Full featured file manager on BlackBerry, fresh UI design and user friendly functions!It’s picture view works better than standard galleries

file manager Features :

* Cut, copy, paste and cancellable progress dialog
* List and grid view for file browsing
* Compress and decompress support
* Search and share files
* Create and delete directories (folders).
* Zip or Unzip
* Multiple selection and sorting support
* Thumbnail for photo, pictures and video files
* Root Explorer for rooted devices

Price Free

File Manager for PlayBook Available in BlackBerry World Here.

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PlayBook Video Store Comes to an End with New Update

PlayBook video store shuts down

Well the announcement went out in June that BlackBerry was shutting down their music and video stores on July 21st. The day has arrived and I did get an update for the video store on my PlayBook and after the update you can only access the videos that you had previously downloaded. No update came out for the Music app, but no new purchases can be make withing the Music Store either.

So any media that you’ve already purchased (including music, movies and TV shows) will continue to be available, but new purchases are not available.

The same day the shutdown of the Video and Music store was announced for BlackBerry 10 devices it was offset with the announcement of the Amazon App Store coming this fall. While that is great for those of us that have BlackBerry 10 devices I was pretty sure they would kill it on the PlayBook as well.

Like the BlackBerry News app on the PlayBook you can now add a couple of more applications that will no longer function.

So don’t get excited to see the update, it’s just an update to make sure you have access to your previous purchases only  and not be able to make new Purchases.

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Free Candy Crazy Game for BlackBerry PlayBook

Candy Crazy blackberry Playbook

I have been playing this game for over a week and really enjoy the game play. Candy Crazy is a great puzzle game and some of the levels are pretty hard but fun. I am currently on level 56 and the game itself looks to have around 100 levels.

One big downside is the ad’s. You need to close an ad after you complete each level, using the X in the top left corner. Other than the ad’s this is a great puzzle game for your PlayBook.

Details: Collect all the candies in this platform-puzzler, and become the king of candy!

Exercise your brain and sharpen your mind trying to solve all 100 levels! The game starts easy, but on the last levels, you’ll be pulling your hair out to find the solutions!

Price Free

Candy Crazy for PlayBook is Available in BlackBerry World Here.


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