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Accessing OneDrive from your BlackBerry PlayBook

onedrive blackberry playbook

I get a lot of questions for OneDrive and the PlayBook. These questions vary from an Android .apk to .bar conversion that works on the PlayBook? Is a OneDrive app coming to the PlayBook?  Why wont the PlayBook Browser work with OneDrive?

I have yet to create, find or locate a side loadable version that will work, and I really doubt a native app will be delivered at all.

With all that negative stuff listed above, I do use my PlayBook browser to access OneDrive all the time and use the features.  Once you have accessed the OneDrive site via your browser and logged in, go to the bottom of the page and switch to PC Site and out of the Mobile view.

All the features work great. You can upload from the PlayBook to OneDrive, create folders and use the other features as well.

I do have a native OneDrive app installed on my Z10, so it’s nice knowing that pictures I put into OneDrive with my  Z10 are accessible via my PlayBook. Yes I know the native app for BB10 devices allow for Auto Sync  and the PlayBook does not, but you can still use everything just fine with your PlayBook, by using the PC Site view within the PlayBook browser.

Be sure to bookmark or “add to home screen” the OneDrive shortcut on your PlayBook. When you access the site from your shortcut, it will always load the site in Mobile view, so make sure you switch to PC view in order to have the features.

I hope this helps some of ya’s out and it’s nice haveing an extra 15gb of cloud storage as well.

You can sign up for a free OneDrive Account by going Here.

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Rail Maze Puzzle Game for BlackBerry PlayBook

rail maze blackberry playbook

This game has been around for a while, and it looks like I never posted about it. Even though I never posted about it, I still play this on my PlayBook pretty often. Rail Maze for PlayBook offers lots of levels and a great UI. You will not be disappointed having this puzzle game on your Playbook.

Game features include:
* 130+ puzzles
* Tunnels
* Bombs
* PIRATE trains…

Price Free

Rail Maze for PlayBook in BlackBerry World Here.

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Bookmark Browser Collection App for PlayBook

bookmark browser collection blackberry playbook

Bookmark Browser Collection for the PlayBook is nothing real fancy but works as advertised. You cant edit or change any of the icons within the app, so what is available are your choices. That being said most of the icons are for popular sites. Once you select a site the browser will open to display the page. Almost forgot, there is a quick link to our PlayBook Wallpaper page also.

Details: A collection of bookmarks with categories that are easy to access via your PlayBook before ever needing to open your browser. Select a site from several categories such as News, Weather, Magazines, Sports, Kids and more. Each category has popular sites to choose from and once the site is chosen, the browser will open. These sites will open the browser with WiFi connection or via Bridge.

A custom search category is also available and offers both a Google Search box and a Yahoo Search box with predictive text capability with the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ keyboard. Once the search terms have been typed in, the browser will open and show your results.

Opening the browser does not close this application, allowing you easy access to sites on the fly.

Price Free

Bookmark Browser Collection for PlayBook is Available in BlackBerry World Here.

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Free Santas Monster Shootout Game for PlayBook

Santas Shootout Blackberry PlayBook Free Game

Have a little Christmas in July, with Santa’s Monster Shootout for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  I have been playing this game for a little over a week and yet to be disappointed. I started playing the game on my Z10 and now enjoy it on my PlayBook.

Game play is awesome with no lag and a pretty cool sound track as well. The object is simple and the easy to use UI makes it simple to blast away the monsters and you improve your guns and climb the levels.

The only negative are the ad’s that pop up between levels but it’s just one ad that’s very simple to close and move on with game play. Since the game is free, the ad’s are not a big deal.

Details: Snowy valleys, Christmas bells and Santa Claus is preparing gifts for Christmas.
A normal December. Really? No, something is different this year…

Monsters and Zombies from all the world are trying to steal the gift packages, they want it all and
they want it now.

But Santa don’t own just a sack full of gifts and a rod… he also have guns, big guns.
Guns to defeat infinite waves of monsters to protect the gift packages.

Help Santa to get rid of the evil breed and bring us happy holidays!

How To Play:
The primary weapon has infinite ammo, it is not very strong but always available.
Shoot as many enemies you can to earn money for purchasing new pistols, guns and refill ammo in the shop.

Pick up ammo clips and health packages to keep you alive while playing a level. On each level, you must fight against
a big end monster to go to the next level. From level to level the game gets harder.

- use arrows in the left side to work through the level
- use the shot button on the right side to shoot
- if you have purchased and picked a gun, switch between the new gun and the primary weapon

Price Free

Santa’s Monster Shootout for PlayBook in App World Here.

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Accessing Files Saved from Android Apps on your PlayBook

PlayBook find anroid app save files

This may seem a little goofy, but some Android apps allow you to save a project from the app, but where does the file  actually go? One example is an Android ported kids app that allows kids to draw and the picture can be saved. When you save the picture it saves it to the SD card, which we know the PlayBook does not have.

If you go to downloads or pictures and can’t find the saved file anywhere; some Android ported apps on the PlayBook  save natively but not all of them. If you cant find your saved work, rest assured  the image/file was most likely still saved to the PlayBook.

The image/file can only be accessed via a file manager app, like the one I wrote about the other day. (Here)

When in the file manager you will see a folder with the apps name or something similiar. Basically the Android ported app creates a folder within the root of the PlayBook file system as if it’s a SD card.

While in the file manager  you can easily cut and paste the image from the app folder  into the picture folder, that can be opened from the native picture app on the PlayBook. I do find myself using the file manager more and more however to access everything on my PlayBook.

So if you get an Android ported app that allows you to save your work, but you cant ever find it….. don’t trash the app thinking its not working. Try a file manager app and see if you can find the files that way.


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